This chiller provides the highest efficiency in the world, achieving a steam consumption rate of 3.5 kg/(h/USRT).

Product outline

  1. Available with three different shell lengths

    The shell length can be selected from three options (7 m class, 8 m class, and 9 m class) according to condition the installation site.

  2. Operates with steam consumption rate of 3.5 kg/h・USRt .

    The world top level steam consumption rate.

  3. Allows the parallel installation of units

    The chiller units can be installed in parallel to support up to 3000 USRt.

  4. Designed to support the large difference in the chilled water/cooling water temperature

    The standard specifications allow for chilled water temperature of 14/6 °C and a cooling water temperature of 32/40 °C.

  5. Equipped with a high-performance control panel

    The chiller is controlled with a new touch-screen intelligent control panel.
    The panel can display data required for operation control on the panel and trend date accumulated in 4 hours.
    The chiller is equipped with a fault avoidance function as standard.
    Date communicate protocol is avalable.

Representative Specifications

Model Cooling Capacity Steam Consumption Dimensions (mm) Operating Weight
kW (USRT) kg/h Length Depth Height t
RFW080K8E 2813 (800) 2800 9200 2500 3300 41
RFW100K10E 3516 (1000) 3500 9200 2700 3500 47
RFW125K12E 4395 (1250) 4375 9300 2900 3800 55
RFW150K15E 5274 (1500) 5250 9400 3250 4150 62
* Length: 9 m class for K type, 8 m class for L type, and 7 m class for N type are available.
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