The manufacturing of large chillers commenced in Japan when Ebara produced its first centrifugal chiller in 1930. Ebara chiller has ensured high quality and reliability for many years.


Centrifugal Chillers

The chiller provides high cycle efficiency, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The chillier using low-pressure refrigerant is exempted from regulations imposed by the High Pressure Gas Safety Act. It can be shipped as separate modules for easy transportation and requires no qualified personnel for operation.

Screw Chiller

This compact water-cooled modular chiller is equipped with the latest technologies, such as a high-performance semi-hermetic screw compressor and a stainless steel blazed heat exchanger. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as air conditioning and industrial use in the food industry.

Absorption Chiller / Heaters

This absorption chiller/heater meets various customer needs with excellent energy-saving control and an abundance of functions.

Absorption Chillers

This chiller achieves excellent energy efficiency over the entire operating range, from the rated load to prolonged partial load, with an inverter-controlled solution pump.

Cooling Tower

We offer a lineup of models with excellent functions and a wide range of capacities that provide a stable supply of cooling water to various types of water-cooled air conditioning systems.

Technologies for Industrial Chillers

We applied many chillers to various industories with special features including "Explosion-proof", "Outdoor Use", "Sea Water Usage", etc.

Group Products

Water treatment for air conditioning use

Chemical control with this equipment contributes to prolonged service life of air conditioning systems as well as improved energy efficiency.Choosing genuine Ebara chemicals most suitable for your heat source system will also contribute to safe operation.

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