The JCM (Joint Crediting Mechanism) project using Our Centrifugal Chiller Model RTBF, was registered as the 1st JCM GHG emission reduction project.

Nov 18, 2014


Ebara Refrigeration Equipment & System Co., Ltd. (ERS) has installed one model RTBF050 centrifugal chiller to M/S PRIMATEXCO INDONESIA, who is the J/V of M/S Daiwabo Japan & Batik cooperative association Indonesia, using the JCM model project subsidized by the Ministry of Environment Japan.
JCM scheme consists of PS (Project Planning Study), FS (Feasibility Study) and JCM Model Project. The PS and FS are not so much different. The PS is the study for development of a JCM model project in the near future, while, the FS is the study to promote potential JCM project and to survey its feasibility. JCM model project is subsidized for equipment cost etc. to accomplish GHG emission reduction by the Japanese Government.
ERS has proposed PS & JCM Model Project in 2013 in cooperation with M/S NIPPON KOEI Co., Ltd (Koei) and PT. Ebara Indonesia. Further ERS & Koei have created a JCM Methodology and a Project Design Document (PDD) of the project and supplied our high efficient centrifugal chiller to the project for GHG emission reduction.
This Methodology was approved by Japanese - Indonesian Joint Committee on 17th of September 2014 through internet Public Comment. Also the project was validated by the Third Party Entity (M/S LRQA). On 30th of October, the project was registered as the First JCM GHG Emission Reduction Project in the world by Japanese - Indonesian Joint Committee.
The estimated GHG emission reduction is 800 tonCO2, which contributes to Japanese GHG emission reduction target till 2020,when we will attain our eternal goal.
We are proud that our RTBF centrifugal chiller is confirmed as one of the best chillers and is authorized as effective global warming countermeasure, having been approved as 1st JCM project.

The news of this registration has been publicly released since 4th of November,2014 by the Minister of Environment,Japan.
The Ministry of Environment ULR is as follows.

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