Ebara increases its product line of Chiller -Expanding the Ebara chiller business in Southeast Asia-

Nov 01, 2013


Starting in October, Ebara Thermal Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "ETST"), which conducts the chiller business for the Ebara Group in the Southeast Asian region, has started the sale of a value-priced centrifugal chiller model RTGC that uses eco-friendly refrigerants.

The Two-Stage Compression Centrifugal Chiller Model RTGS that is now available for purchase achieves high efficiency, high performance and long life. ETST also has a service and support system in place to perform regular maintenance after delivery to ensure that the product will always be at peak performance and be able to be used by customers for years to come. With a thorough and precise service and support system at its core, Ebara will continue to contribute to the development of Southeast Asia not only through pumps, but also centrifugal chillers as well.

ERS also provides a full range of services from the manufacture and sales of large-scale chillers and cooling towers to their maintenance. ERS boasts a vast delivery track record to large-scale commercial facilities, office buildings, airport facilities and more. In Japan ERS also has an expansive delivery track record overseas, mainly in China and Taiwan, and through a production system that coordinates the Yantai Ebara Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. (Location: Shandong Province, People's Republic of China) plant and the ERS Fujisawa Plant in Japan, ERS continues to expands its business.



The Two-Stage Compression Centrifugal Chiller Model RTGC will be actively expanded in the Southeast Asia region in the future

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