Company Profile

(as of April 1,2017)

Head office3-2-16 Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0016 Japan
Products and Business Activities

1. Design, manufacture, supply and after-sales services of : Absorption Chillers, Absorption Chiller/Heaters, Centrifugal Chillers, Screw Chillers, Heat Pumps Chilling Units, Cooling Towers, Air-Cooled Chilling Units (Radiator Type), Waste-Heat Recovery Heat Pump Systems, Individual Air-Conditioning Systems, Ice Storage Systems, Equipment & Apparatus related to Air-Conditioning and Heat Energy Systems.

2. Technical Consultation, Planning, Design Erection & Installation works for the above-mentioned equipments and systems in relation with; Civil works, Construction works, Electrical works, Piping & Structure, Mechanical construction works, Electrical wirings, Water supply works, Fire fighting equipment works, Paintings, Water proof works, Insulation, and Supervision of construction works, and Maintenance/Management for all site works.

3.Sales of parts, components, tools and industrial chemicals (including non-medical poisons and poisonous or deleterious substances) used for the above-mentioned products and their related works.

Date of foundationSeptember 2, 2002
Accounting dateDecember
Capital450 million yen
Number of employees565 employees (as of January 1,2018)
Main shareholderEBARA CORPORATION (owning 100 % of the shares)
PresidentYunjin Ge

Fujisawa Plant -Chiller
4-2-1 Hon-Fujisawa, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa, 251-8502 Japan

Fujisawa Plant -Cooling Tower
2-1-25 Zengyozaka,Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa, 251-0876 Japan

Suzuka Plant -Cooling Tower
1614 Ichinomiya, Suzuka-shi, Mie, 513-0031 Japan


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