Message from the President

Message from the President

Dear Customer,

EBARA REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. (namely ERS for short) is originated from EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA), a pioneer of chiller industry in Japan by manufacturing the first Japanese centrifugal chiller in 1930.

In 2002, Thermal Technology Division of EBARA was separated from EBARA to be specialized in chillers, although principal business backbone has consistently remained unchanged from the parent company.

Meanwhile, Cooling Tower business of ERS was initially started to manufacture the Square Type Cross Flow raised by a brand name of EBARA SHINWA to be expanded as major market share supplier of cooling tower in Japan.


As a member of EBARA group companies to particularly specialize in thermal technology, ERS has been concentrating to combine all such product expertise as chillers, cooling towers and other EBARA products, by developing its technical know-how, manufacturing scheme, marketing and after-sales service to obtain best air-conditioning performance with utmost customers’ satisfaction.


Besides its backbone and practical business promotion in Japan and worldwide, "EBARA REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS (CHINA) CO.,LTD." and "EBARA THERMAL SYSTEMSTHAILANDCO.,LTD." has been established as EBARA group companies to accommodate with global market needs and customers’ requirements to enhance market share with its sales as well as its after-sales service controlled effectively and locally in various regions.


 Yunjin Ge

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