Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to human life by the pursuit of comfortable and reliable air conditioning and cooling.


"As a water-, air-, and environment-related company, we are committed to make a significant contribution to society through our products, as well as protecting our invaluable irreplaceable earth for future generations of human beings." Under this corporate philosophy, we extensively contribute to society as an Ebara Group company in the field of "thermal technology" with consideration to global environmental protection in the 21st century.

Message from the President

President Shigemi Sekine

The manufacture of large chillers commenced in Japan when Ebara produced its first centrifugal machine in 1930.
The history of large chillers in Japan and the name of Ebara are one of the same thing. With 75 years experience of supplying all types of designs of chillers Ebara has become one of world's principle manufacturers of refrigeration plant and is supported by a worldwide network of distributors and support services. The goal of the company is to establish lifelong partnerships with all of its customers by endeavoring to provide full satisfaction on all aspects of quality, performance, reliability, system requirements, sales and after-sales services.

Shigemi Sekine

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