About Maintenance

Centrifugal Chillers

The operation of centrifugal chillers is based on the high-speed rotation of the turbine and gears. Therefore, lubricant replacement is important for maintaining optimal performance.
We offer various inspection options to fit your operation plan, such as the maintenance of optimal performance and maintenance to ensure long-lasting operation over 15 years or more.
By constantly maintaining a stable operation status, energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions can be achieved.


Our water-cooled chiller has achieved a good reputation because of its simple maintenance, compactness, and ease of handling. Still, optimal performance depends on proper maintenance.
For example, the contamination of plate heat exchangers directly leads to the deterioration of performance. As a solution to this problem, we offer appropriate cleaning measures for the situation as needed.
This chiller allows easy maintenance access from the front and rear.


For chiller/heaters operated during both cooling and heating seasons, maintenance of high-vacuum conditions and absorbent inside equipment is the key to long-term operation.
To ensure optimal performance, we conduct maintenance work in our specialized fields. A suitable inspection plan designed for your operational needs ensures efficient operation and provides cost reduction.

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