Hermetic parts that cannot be disassembled for inspection during regular maintenance (compressor, etc.), require periodic overhaul.
Since centrifugal chillers are rotary machines, the open inspection/servicing of bearings and gears and the measurement of the motor’s electric characteristics are important.
For the restoration of heat exchanger performance, cleaning the inner surface of the tubes with chemicals is also recommended.

Outline of Overhaul

  1. Option for proactive preventive maintenance

    Overhaul is a physical inspection that opens and disassembles hermetic parts not covered by regular maintenance. Overhaul is a proactive preventive maintenance service, providing understanding of the current status of equipment and the appropriate action to ensure reliable operation in the future.

  2. Proposing a suitable overhaul plan

    After checking daily inspection data and operational conditions, we offer a suitable overhaul plan for prolonging the life of heat source equipment or restoring its performance.
    A wide variety of service options can be arranged according to your operating environment/budget..
    Replacement of consumables (bearings, etc.), close examination of high-speed rotating components (impeller, gears, etc.), check for motor insulation deterioration, replacement of air-tight gaskets, inspection of heat exchangers for mass loss (eddy current examination), close examination of the high-voltage motor panel/control panel, part replacement for the high-voltage motor panel/control panel, etc.

  3. Achieving performance restoration and energy saving

    In addition to the overhaul service, we also offer service options that provide suitable performance restoration/energy-saving solutions for your operating environment/budget.
    Cleaning of heat exchangers with chemicals, refrigerant generation, etc.

  4. Overhaul of ancillary facilities

    In addition to the overhaul of chillers, we also offer the overhaul of ancillary facilities.
    Overhaul of the cooling tower fan, replacement of the cooling tower filler, pump overhaul, etc.

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