To ensure the long-lasting use of chillers and chiller/heaters, daily operation checks and inspections are essential. After the completion of test runs of newly installed equipment, we offer our customers maintenance contracts, use of our overhaul service, and migration to new models with higher energy efficiency.

After Service

About Maintenance

A yearly overhaul contract is available, covering visiting inspections, as well as servicing and cooling/heating mode changeover before the start of cooling/heating season. Regular inspections perform preventive and systematic maintenance, contributing to performance retention and cost reduction.

About Overhaul Maintenance

Overhaul is a physical inspection that opens and disassembles hermetic parts not covered by regular maintenance. Overhaul is a proactive preventive maintenance service, providing understanding of the current status of equipment and the appropriate action to ensure reliable operation in the future.

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Water treatment for air conditioning use

Chemical control with this equipment contributes to prolonged service life of air conditioning systems as well as improved energy efficiency.Choosing genuine Ebara chemicals most suitable for your heat source system will also contribute to safe operation.

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